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Where we work in partnership with Major Trauma Centres, we fund improvements to wards, and training and education opportunities for clinicians. We also encourage clinicians to refer people to us.

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Day One provides the practical and emotional support that major trauma patients need to make the best possible recovery. This includes: emergency funding, financial and legal advice, counselling and peer support. To find out more about the support we offer, please see our Supporting You section. To refer someone to us, please use the form below.

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Funding for ward improvements

The Ward Fund is available to enhance the ward environment and improve patient care on the wards or departments offering major trauma care.

The Ward Fund is limited to £250 per application and must clearly demonstrate how patients will benefit from the funding. Up to four applications in each Major Trauma Centre where Day One works can be considered per year.

Day One funding is above and beyond that of NHS funding and we cannot fund items that are the responsibility of statutory sources.

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Education fund

This funding is available for anyone working within a major trauma network, where funding is not available from statutory sources.

Applicants must demonstrate how the training or education will improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients affected by major traumatic injury and have received approval from their clinical manager to undertake the training.

Applications can cover whole or partial costs of training costs and conferences, including travel and accommodation. We rely on donations to enable us to continue to provide this important financial support.

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Recent funding: EMDR training

In 2021, Day One awarded funding of £4,500 to enable three clinical psychologists at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust to undertake training in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) by the European Association.

EMDR is a psychological treatment method recommended by NICE for the treatment of PTSD. It is also proven to help lessen anxiety, depression and phantom limb pain which often arise following a traumatic injury. It is used by counsellors, therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists and has proven effective as a way of lessening the intensity of the distress caused by memories of traumatic accidents and events.

The availability of EMDR therapy to inpatients and outpatients of the Major Trauma Centre at Leeds Teaching Hospitals has been inconsistent and some patients had a long waiting time. The training funded by Day One has enabled all patients suffering the effects of psychological trauma as a result of their traumatic injury to access this highly effective treatment more readily.

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